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Unleash your skin's natural radiance with our Hydrabrasion service, where advanced technology meets deep hydration for a refreshed, revitalized, and glowing complexion.


Experience the next generation of exfoliation with our Hydrabrasion service. This advanced treatment utilizes water and oxygen to effortlessly exfoliate and refresh your skin, gently removing dead skin cells and impurities, all while deeply hydrating and revitalizing your complexion. The result? Visibly smoother, softer, and brighter skin.

  • Deeply cleanses and exfoliates the skin 

  • Encourages healthier skin by boosting circulation 

  • Nourishes the skin with essential hydration 

  • Promotes the production of collagen for enhanced firmness and elasticity 

  • Reveals a smoother, more radiant complexion


Hydrabrasion is a versatile treatment suitable for all skin types, especially those with dry, dehydrated, or sensitive skin that may not tolerate more aggressive exfoliating treatments.


Hydrabrasion is a three-part process that first exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells and surface debris. It then extracts impurities from the pores with a gentle vacuum suction, followed by hydration, where deeply nourishing serums are infused into the skin.


Expect a gentle yet effective treatment that leaves your skin clean, refreshed, and glowing. There may be slight redness immediately after the treatment, but this usually subsides quickly. Your skin will feel deeply cleansed, refreshed, and more radiant.



Before your Hydrabrasion treatment, kindly follow these guidelines:

  1. Reflect on your skincare goals: What do you like about your skin? What would you like to change? What results are you hoping to achieve? Being clear on these points will help us tailor the treatment to your needs.

  2. Document your daily skincare routine, including the products you use. This information is crucial as it impacts the health of your skin and assists our team in delivering the best care.

  3. Cease shaving or waxing at least 48 hours before your facial to prevent any skin sensitivity or irritation during the treatment.

  4. Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for a week before your facial. This will ensure that your skin is in the best condition for the treatment.

  5. Limit exfoliation in the 2-3 days leading up to your facial. Since most facials include an exfoliating component, over-exfoliation beforehand can lead to sensitive skin.


After your Hydrabrasion treatment, follow these guidelines to maximize the benefits and maintain your post-treatment glow:

  1. Drink plenty of water to aid in detoxification, flush out toxins from your system, and keep your skin glowing.

  2. Allow your skin time to absorb the treatment benefits and heal properly.

  3. Continue using your usual skincare products unless otherwise advised.

  4. Refrain from using scrubs or exfoliating products unless otherwise instructed to ensure your skin recovers fully.

  5. Resist touching or picking at your skin to prevent irritation or breakouts.

  6. Avoid waxing for at least 48 hours after your facial to prevent skin sensitivity or reactions.

  7. Try to avoid heavy makeup or any makeup at all, if possible, for a few days to let your skin breathe and recover.

  8. For a while, steer clear of activities that cause sweating, such as intense workouts or sauna visits. Sweat can irritate freshly treated skin and impede the healing process.

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